I'm freelancer who has lots to say! Wanna make some noise with me?


So who am I?

Welcome! My name is Adam Mucha. I am a freelance graphic designer and a professional from Wrocław, Poland. Creativity at your service.

If you seek for fully professional approach, top-level projects, extraordinary solutions and hi-tech – you have found your freelancer. The things that brand my work are: fitting into the client's needs and a pinch of something that makes you say „wow!”.

In my work I have three, essential for this profession priorities: deadline, quality, result. There is nothing that matters more.

I constantly boost my knowledge and skills to stay up-to-date with the newest trends and solutions.

If you want to know more – contact me.

What do I do?

First of all - genius projects:
» Websites
» Banners
» Animations
» Logo and other elements of CI
» Fliers, posters
» Catalogues, brochures
» Newsletters, mailings
» Visualisations
» Flash Presentations
» Audio/Video settings

See samples of my work in portfolio.


When it comes down to business I use:
» Photoshop
» Illustrator
» Flash
» InDesign
» AfterEffects
» Actionscript
» SQL...

...which basically means I am able to face any challenge you feel like confronting me with.